City Of Ferndale Holds Its Annual Pet Parade

Ferndale, Ca. (KIEM) — Pets of all shapes and sizes took to the streets for the annual pet parade today. It is a long-standing tradition for pet-owners in Ferndale.

Contestants of all ages lined up with their pets to strut down Main Street and show off their creative costumes. This year, there were dogs, rabbits, baby chicks, a goat, and even a small calf. One man took it a step further and showed up in a lion suit to show his support. People came out to cheer on the pets and their owners. According to one of the coordinators, John Kreitzer, it’s all about people coming out and having a little bit of fun. 

Every participant got small prizes and treats, but the grand prize winner took home twenty Ferndale dollars that can be spent anywhere on Main Street.