Two Children Run Lemonade Stand To Help Homeless College Students

Ferndale, Ca. (KIEM) — Two six-year-olds in Ferndale are earning some money for a good cause to celebrate national lemonade day, which aims to teach kids about entrepreneurship.

Lincoln Totten and Everly Galt set up their very first lemonade stand on Main Street. Earlier today. You could grab an Everly, a strawberry flavored lemonade, a Lincoln, a blue raspberry flavored lemonade, or just an old fashioned. If you’re hungry, you can even buy some popcorn. Half of the money they raise will be donated to homeless college students in the area. The rest will be put in their own college funds, but they are going to keep a small amount for themselves to get a new toy.

They hope to continue having their stand throughout the summer. On July 9th they will be presenting the proceeds to a program for homeless students at college of the redwoods.