Social media, a great way to report crimes to community but alert authorities first, says HCSO

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM) The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office main goal is public safety and another connecting with the community. This week the sheriff’s office is asking the public to make, both, a priority as well.

As of lately, residents have been utilizing social media specifically community Facebook groups to report crimes which is a great way to look out for one another.

However, a lot of what is being reported in those groups are not called into the police. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office said its good to post in the groups but residents should alert authorities first.

“We’re not saying that you can’t post on Facebook. We’re not saying don’t post on Facebook. What we’re saying is please let the Sheriff’s Office know what’s going on and then post to Facebook,” Said Samantha Karges of HCSO. “Because we are able to investigate those crimes and address the problem and even if it’s something where it’s a suspicious person, or no crime has occurred, or something that we can’t directly address. We can take note of it and then do extra Patrols in that area.”

Karges said crimes that do not need immediate attention such as an abandoned car or homeless encampment, should also be reported online by filling out an online crime report on the sheriff’s office web page.