Sporting Youth: 2019 Humboldt Tri-Kids Triathlon


ARCATA, CA (KIEM) – Over 100 kids got their sweat on Sunday in Arcata for the 2019 Humboldt Tri-Kids Triathlon. No matter if you came in first or last place everyone gets a medal for racing. Leon Purvis has more with the Sporting Youth.

Swimming, biking, and running. Its the three endurance races at the 2019 Humboldt Tri-Kids Triathlon. The annual event is an effort to help kids get out of the house and be active.

“Get them out moving. I mean, you know our kids need to get outside. Less time on Facebook or [the] internet. Yeah, get them active,” said Jennifer Johnson the Race Director of Humboldt Tri-Kids Triathlon.

Kids ages seven through 17 can sign up for the race. As an individual or team. One 11-year-old kid has done the triathlon for four years.

“Its kind of stressful when you first start. But once you get into it like it progresses and you get really into it,” said Levi Browne 11-Year-Old Arcata Resident.

The teams include two or three individuals. After the pool, the athlete tags his or her partner and its off to the bikes.

“Its really hard, and it has a lot of pressure. But its still worth it,” said Fiona Condon, a Swimmer for her team.  

There are different distances for age categories. You have to swim, bike, and run before crossing the finish line. All the kids that participate get in a good workout.

“I’m normally tired afterward. But I defiantly think I can do it this year,” said Brown.

Others train for the triathlon.

“I have [swam] like a lot each week, and so that’s kind of my training,” said Condon.

No matter how you finish, everyone that takes part in the event is a winner and receives a medal. For many, its not how you finish but all about having fun.

“I don’t care if I win a medal or not, I just care if I have fun,” said Condon.

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