New Graffiti Markings Seen Around Eureka

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — When driving in Eureka, seeing graffiti around may not be out of the ordinary, but some new markings have popped up around town recently.

The phrase ‘stay-n’ has been seen on buildings, fences, sidewalks, and telephone poles. It’s left some residents wondering what exactly it means and what the Eureka Police Department is doing about it.

Graffiti not only affects victims of the vandalism, but the community as a whole. One local business owner has dealt with some of these markings in the past. The graffiti on his brick building cannot be painted over or washed off.

Many believe there is a time and place for graffiti or street art, but not when it comes to tagging buildings. Residents are encouraged to report any graffiti or if they are a victim of vandalism and also try to cover it up if possible.

The investigation into the recent graffiti is ongoing, but Eureka Police Department hopes to put an end to it soon. They urge anyone with information regarding the recent string of graffiti to reach out to their office.