Residents must obey “Leash Laws” or Keep pup at home

McKinleyville, Ca., (KIEM) With Summer right around the corner. More and more residents are excited and ready to take their dogs outside to play. But not so fast.

Humboldt County has certain areas that require dogs to be leashed such as some beaches and parks.

The cities of Eureka, Arcata, Trinidad, and Blue Lake also require a leash. 

In addition, there are regulations that must be met by dog owners to ensure safety for your dog as well as the rest of the community. 

The Humboldt County Animal Shelter said it’s important that dog owners are aware of the Custody and Control Law, which many confuse with a leash law.

A law that states your dog must return to you if you call for it one time, and must stay with you regardless of the circumstances.

The shelter’s manager said its really all about training your pup and taking it seriously. 

“Generally when you’re first starting out you call the dog from a short distance, they come to you, you give him a treat,” said Andre Hale. “Using what we call a long line, a 20 foot plus long leash. You allow the dog to get a distance from you and then call it to you and if they don’t respond, you give a little tug on the leash and try to call them again. They come back, you praise them. With the idea being that you’re teaching the dog that when I call you, I want you to come. You should practice the various commands.”

Hales said if your dog doesn’t obey the custody and control law the dog would be considered to be running at large which is an infraction within the county that can lead up to impoundment or the owner can be cited for the infraction.