Fortuna Residents Express Concerns to Police Officers over a Cup of Joe

FORTUNA, CA (KIEM) -Members of the Fortuna Police Department were given the chance to hear about residents’ concerns over a cup of Joe.

The FPD hosted their Coffee with the Cop at Starbucks in town this morning. And a number of Fortuna residents raised a number of concerns to officers like vehicles speeding in neighborhoods, and what they’re going to do about syringe needles laying around. One attendee wasn’t shy about some of the issues that concern him and his wife.

“I wanna be sure that my wife and I can go out on the street and not be afraid that we’re going to be encountered by a homeless or whatever. So that became a topic too,” said Don DuFour, a resident of Fortuna.

“We’re working on it. We’re working collaboratively with the Sheriff’s Department, and with our pop officer. Basically, I just talk to them about what we’re doing as far as going out on doing these weekly sweeps. And contacting the people living in these illegal camps,” said William Dobberstein the Fortuna Police Chief.

Along with members of the Fortuna Police Department, the Humboldt County under Sheriff was also there to hear what people had to say.