Rio Dell Approves Three Cannabis Businesses to come Downtown


RIO DELL, CA (KIEM) – The Rio Dell City Council approves three cannabis businesses to open up shop downtown. Leon Purvis breaks down the details.

The Rio Dell City Council Tuesday night gave the green light for three cannabis businesses to submit applications to setup retail stores in downtown Rio Dell.

“Economically, the town is in need of additional investment.  What the council saw was an opportunity to increase that investment,” said Kyle Knopp, Rio Dell City Manager.

The cannabis businesses are Rio Dell Remedies, Element Seven, and the Proper Wellness Center. The idea of new business coming to downtown excites residents like James Cortazar. He owns the rental space where Lola’s restaurant used to be. He told us he’s been waiting for this moment.

“I can finally entertain the numerous inquiries that we have more now than ever. And we’ll get business back in the town center,” said James Cortazar a Rio Dell Resident.

But not everyone is happy with the council’s decision. When our cameras were in Rio Dell, Cortazar got into an altercation with an anti-cannabis supporter.

Jack Steeves is a 40 year resident of Rio Dell and thinks the city should not bring cannabis to downtown.

“Everybody says it doesn’t lead to anything else. But I have been listening to news from other states, and they say its leading to a lot of other things that’s not good,” said Jack Steeves a 40 year Rio Dell Resident.

For someone like Cortazar, it has been a long time coming advocating for cannabis businesses to come into town.

“This has been a battle with the City Council for at least 5, 6 years. We’ve been constantly lobbying with other residents,” said Cortazar.

Steeves is not opposed to the city of Rio Dell profiting revenue off cannabis. He thinks the stores should be on the outskirts of town.

“Just across the river is still the city of Rio Dell believe it or not. That’s in their jurisdiction now. They will get the taxes off of that just as well they would right there,” said Steeves.

The city of Rio Dell hopes all the cannabis business submit their applications to the Planning Commission in July.