Over 1000 Kids from All Over Humboldt County Came Out for Ocean Day and Help Keep Their Local Beach Healthy


LOLETA (KIEM) – It was a beautiful day today and with summer right around the corner, over a thousand kids got to spend some time at the beach. But they were to help make it a healthier ecosystem, by taking a stand in the sand

“Marine debris is a big issue and it does threaten ocean species,” said Friends of the Dunes Board Member Carol Vander Meer

There are many threats facing our ocean. From plastic, to endangering wildlife, and even warming waters.

“There are concerns worldwide about warming oceans, and what impact that can have on ecosystems, and food chains,” said Vander Meer.

But in order to combat this growing problem, it all starts with education.

“It’s really important to get kids out on the beach, make them feel like they play an important role in the restoration,” said Bureau of Land Management Specialist Leisyka Parrott.

Friends of the Dunes, the Bureau of Land Management, he California Conservation Corps, and other agencies across the state are teaching kids the importance of our ocean.

“This part of it is their call to action,” says Parrott.

“It empowers them to act.”

Even the smallest actions, can make the biggest impact. That’s what over 1200 kids did.

“We’re going to pull invasive species of plants to help the native plants comeback in,” said Navah Haskell, a fourth grader at Trinidad School.

They applied their learning to the place that they live. They cleaned up their beaches. By removing invasive plants, to help create a better home for the animals that live there.

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