Humboldt County Airport Expects to See Increase Travel Traffic with New Denver Destination


MCKINLEYVILLE (KIEM) – Summer travel season is here and the Humboldt County Airport has added a new destination, Denver!

“It offers Humboldt County residents a brand new option to connecting to the eastern part of the United States and also around the world,” said Laura Jackson, Vice President of Air Service at Denver International Airport.

Last night, the airport celebrated the first Denver flight that flew in.

“We’re really excited to offer that to citizens around, McKinelyville, Arcata, Eureka and to the rest of Humboldt County that direct access to Denver,” says Director of Aviation Cody Roggatz, “it not only gets you to Denver but hundreds of destinations beyond.”

Back then, if anyone wanted to travel out to another city besides LA or San Francisco, they would need to take a drive up to Oregon or down to the Bay Area.

“A lot of times we would drive up to Medford actually, and flight out of there,” said Manila Resident Kala Minkley.

“That just adds four hours to your trip on either end and that just really stinks to fly-in and then have to drive another four hours.”

But with this new flight, it can help save time.

“It’s really exciting we’re getting more direct flights out of here,” says Minkley, “back during Christmas we flew out down south and I don’t think we’ll be making that drive again.”

It also encourages residents to use their airport.

With vacation season here, there is an expected increase in travel between the two cities.

“Passenger traffic will stimulate as a result of this flight, possibly between 400 to 500 percent,” said Jackson. “We’ll see growth in the number of people from Denver in Colorado coming out to Humboldt County.”

That can help bring in more tourists here to the North Coast.

The Humboldt County Airport plans to expand to other destinations such as Portland, Seattle, and Sacramento.