Rio Dell City Council Opposes Wind Energy Project

RIO DELL, CA (KIEM) – The Rio Dell City Council strongly opposes the Wind Energy Project.

They recently voted 4-0 to issue a strongly worded response to the draft of the Environmental Impact Report.

It’s for a proposed 155 megawatt wind farm that could potentially have up to 60 towers. They would be located on Monument and Bear River Ridge.

According to the city, the towers would be visible from town and disrupt the view residents currently have. Also, The City believes the project is being fast-tracked and defers important technical studies. The City is recommending for The County to not move forward with the project.

“There’s certain visual impacts that potentially will affect property values in the community. The roadways potentially are extensive in terms of their construction, and the impact on water quality,” said Rio Dell City Manager Kyle Knopp.

Rio Dell City Manager tells Redwood News just because The City is against the wind energy project, does not mean they oppose all Green Energy options. They are supportive of most Green Energy Projects.