Sequoia Park Zoo Holds Family Volunteer Day

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — Earlier today, the Sequoia Park Zoo held its 2nd family volunteer day of the year. Volunteers worked with zoo staff to clean-up Sequoia Park right behind the zoo.

The community was invited to come out to the zoo to remove invasive plants to make room for those that are native to Humboldt County and also to benefit the long term health of the area. Volunteers got a free pair of zoo gardening gloves. Staff provided instructions and tools, and there were snacks and water available while they worked. The director of marketing and events at the sequoia zoo foundation, Ashley Moblie, is even making a video of today’s event for a contest to win money to put towards the zoo’s conservation efforts.

The last zoo clean up volunteer day was last month, and the zoo hopes to keep holding these kinds of events throughout the year.