The Wings of Freedom Tour Touches Down at Humboldt County Airport after Beginning the Journey in Concord

MCKINLEYVILLE (KIEM) – The Wings of Freedom Tour officially touched down earlier here on the North Coast. They feature classic World War II bomber planes.

So have you wondered what it was like for fighter pilots back IN World War II?

“It seemed pretty tough cause like it’s pretty tight in there and it can get pretty hot in there,” said Raymond Parker after experiencing flying one of the war planes.

The Wings of Freedom Tour landed in Humboldt County, after starting their journey in Concord.

“We flew out over the San Francisco Bay, crossed over the Golden Gate in formation with the Liberator,” said Kristian Riese, captain of the B-25 aircraft.

During the flight, it was a chance to see what World War II pilots would go through.

It was shaky, loud, and hot. You could even crawl through the tight spaces that pilots need to get through to get to the nose of the plane.

It’s all to keep this part of history alive, so we never forget.

“So people don’t forget, we always forget,” says Riese. “We as humans always forget and this will help.”

Daniel Freitas is a 95-year-old veteran. He served as a pilot on the B-17 and told Redwood News what it was like for him during the time of the war.

“I was a radio operator on a B-17,” said Freitas. “I flew over 28 missions over Germany. I did lose two crew members who were flying in another airplane at the time and I do miss them.”

The Humboldt County Airport even helped train pilots during this turbulent time in our history.

“This airport here in McKinleyville was built in 1942 to give experience for flying in the fog,” said Freitas.

But while flying through air, there was not even a patch of fog in sight. All that could be seen for miles was untouched California coastlines.

The bomber planes will be at the Humboldt County Airport till June 12th.