Mural at Eureka High School has Message about Ocean

EUREKA, CA. (KIEM) – Eureka High School has a new mural with a message about the ocean.

At the corner of J and Del Norte Street at Eureka High, there is a colorful mural with sea animals holding up signs to not put plastic in the water. It was a yearlong project for a Marine Biology Class. Their goal was to design something where the storm drains are, so it can remind people to watch what they put down there.

HSU Art student Miranda de Silva painted the mural. The grant funding for the project came from the Humboldt Area Foundation, and it was coordinated through the Redwood Community Action Agency. 

“Represent the storm drains, so the trash can just not get in there. We want clean storm drains, and a clean bay, and a clean ocean,” said Ramie Young, a Senior at Eureka High School.  

“Isn’t really supposed to be dirty. It’s supposed to be this big beautiful blue ocean, and not something that’s just full of trash,” said Magdalena Weaver, a Junior at Eureka High School.

“Its just unhealthy for the environment and the marine wildlife. They have nothing to do with it. This is like man-made things, and we’re just invading their space,” said Kamica Nunez-Pabalate, a Senior at Eureka High School.