Peninsula Union School’s Eight Graders Take a Trip of a Lifetime


EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM)– Four eighth-graders were given the chance to travel abroad for the first time in April.

The four students spent 13 days traveling around China. Principal, Lark Doolan, worked tirelessly to make this trip a reality. He was able to do this through the generosity of donations and fundraisers.

Doolan believes traveling is important for everyone, especially students. Doolan says this trip gave them opportunities to grow as individuals and be be more independent. Doolan says he saw the changes before his very eyes when the kids were forced out of their comfort zone and adapted to the new changes.

Peninsula Union School has roughly 40 students, including the four eighth-graders.

“It was awesome. I would do it again,” says Estelle Campise.

Principal Doolan hopes that these students will be able to travel more and push their comfort zones.