Four More Logging Protesters Arrested, One Still Up In Tree

PETROLIA, CA. (KIEM) – Four more logging protesters are arrested for trespassing at Monument Gate.

According to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, there were 15 protesters at Monument Gate near Petrolia including a protester on top of a 24-foot ladder.

24-year-old Isabel Osheroff of Berkeley was the one on the ladder. She was taken safely into custody on charges of trespassing. 32-year-old Michael Gammariello, 25-year-old Brittany Soohoo, and 32-year-old Georgia Doremus of Arcata were also taken to jail for trespassing and resisting arrest. 

The protesters are trying to prevent the Humboldt Redwood Logging Company from logging at Rainbow Ridge. Last week, we spoke to one protester who is 8 miles beyond the gate and remains in a tree. She tells Redwood News that the private security team the logging company hired recently cut some of her supplies down from the tree.

“He was not supposedly allowed to actually touch me, but he was very aggressive. Meanwhile, the security were on the grounds giving him directions. Telling him what to do. I believe he was ready to cutoff the net I that live on while I was on top of it, before these guys called him off,” said Rook the protester up in a tree.

Rook also told us she will not come down unless there is a written agreement that the Redwood Logging Company will not log the tree she is in. We reached out to the company, and no one was available for comment.