California Gas Tax Hits Drivers July 1st

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CA (KIEM) – Starting July 1st, California motorists will see a rise in gas prices, because of the gas tax. We asked motorists in Eureka how they feel about the price increase.

After the first of July, motorists will be paying around 5.5 ¢ more for a gallon of gas. With prices going down to around $4, some Humboldt County residents are not happy about the new increase.

“It sounds like a little, but if you’re saying okay there’s 2¢ here, there’s 5¢ there, there’s 3¢ there. It all adds up into that price,” said Courtney Taylor, a McKinleyville Resident.  

The extra expense will go towards road infrastructure and repairs. For some, that extra cost will hurt their pockets.

“That’s going to be terrible, because its already high. They keep going high. Where other states there’s like $2, $3, but its terrible here in Humboldt County. I think it’s the highest in the state,” said Amos Albers, a Eureka Resident.

The new tax is projected to generate over $50 billion within the next ten years. Some will have to plan how often they hit the road.

“I mean, its going to stop people from going places or even going to work. You already gotta meet end to end if anybody is on a fixed income as I am,” said Albers.

Those that commute daily will be spending more money at the pump.

“I’m driving just about every day. I home school two kids, and we do a lot of activities. It often brings us to Eureka from McKinleyville. So we’re driving back and forth,” said Taylor.