North Coast Co-Op bringing security back to the store

EUREKA (KIEM)- North Coast Co-Op now has a security personnel after a several-month hiatus due to financial trouble.

Co-op is trying to improve safety in old town and that means bringing back a security guard. The Eureka location on the corner of 4th and B Street is near a free meal and other social services. Co-Op says it can bring people suffering from homelessness, mental health issues, and drug addiction.

While Co-Op is compassionate for these individuals, they also recognize that shoppers and employees do not feel safe.

Co-Op struggled in the past with financial troubles and had to let go of their security guard, which was costing them 6-thousand dollars a month.

Now partnered with the Eureka Police Department and with the help of the security guard, they are hoping to provide an enjoyable experience for shoppers and employees.

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