City of Fortuna Honors Dennis Wendt and Roger Harwood with Newburg Park Dedication

FORTUNA, CA (KIEM) – A sports complex and a softball field at Newburg Park are dedicated to two late North Coast men.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in Fortuna to honor the late Dennis Wendt and Roger Hardwood. Both of them passed away in a car accident July of 2017.

The park will include the addition of the Dennis Wendt Sports Complex to its existing title with an updated park entry sign.

One of the park’s softball fields will be named after Harwood, calling it The Roger Harwood Field.

“Denny was not only my boss, he was my friend and he was a part of our big group, and Roger was the same. I knew both of them for over 30 years. There’s just a big hole left where they were. Both were just really good friends,” said Mayor of Fortuna Sue Long who is also a friend of Dennis and Roger.  

 “They were adventurous. They were very adventurous and they were fun loving. They would do anything for the community. Either one of them would give the shirt off their back,” said Ron Lewis a friend of Dennis and Roger.

The Fortuna community wants to make sure Dennis Wendt and Roger Harwood are not forgotten.

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