Fire and Police Agencies Respond to Simulated Criminal Multi-Casualty Shooting


EUREKA, CA (KIEM) – Fire and Law Enforcement agencies respond to a simulated criminal multi-casualty shooting at Winship Middle School as part of their training. We show you how first responders handled the staged active shooter situation.

Red flashing lights, fire engines, police cars, and victims. Its all part of an organized training effort on how local agencies would handle a real-life criminal multi-casualty shooting.

“This is our way of figuring out what that communication looks like, how our response looks, getting on all the same frequencies and same pages. Being able to unify command and respond,” said Amy Conlin, Risk Reduction Specialist for Humboldt Bay Fire.

Humboldt Bay Fire, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, and Euereka Police all trained together to keep the community out of harm’s way.

“Bringing everyone else in. All the local agencies who would be responding with us to train on these, is really important in the case that we have to respond to something like this together,” said Conlin.   

With law enforcement using fake blue guns, firefighters and EMS performing rescues on mock injured victims, it is all happening at once to see how everyone can work together under pressure.

“Fire alarms sounding, there’s a lot of confusion. But, they’re making sense of the chaos. In that very chaotic environment, they’re establishing incident command posts,” said Thomas Dewey an Analyst for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.  

The training is taken seriously as if a multi-casualty shooting happened. But for the first responders, if mistakes do happen, they are expected to use it as a learning experience.

“Some of the best training is if you make a mistake. Because that little sting that you feel from making a mistake in a setting like this will benefit you in the future. The training lesson will be that much more powerful,” said Dewey.

Humboldt Bay Fire tells Redwood News that they do plan to have more similar trainings in the future.