3rd Annual Car and Motorcycle Show for Veterans


EUREKA (KIEM)– It was a trip back in time for some, Thursday was the 3rd Annual Car and Motorcycle Show for Veterans.

At the Elks Lodge off of Herrick, the parking lot was full of old school and retro cars. Some of these vehicles have been personally built, others professionally, but all have had their fair share of blood, sweat, and tears put into it.

The event is held every year for Veterans to display the hard work they have put into their ‘babies’ and a way to bring them together.

The event has only gotten bigger, almost doubling in size this year. They want to bring veterans together over something they all share a common interest in.

The event is on its third year and has only seen positive experience for the Veterans. The event brings them back every year, and keeps adding more. This year they had several sponsors helping to put on a free lunch as well. The event is a way for Veterans to connect with one another and establish a sense of community.