Crescent City Council Moves Forward with RV Ordinance, tables Camping

CRESCENT CITY, CA (KIEM) – RV parking in Crescent City is now limited to eight hours.

This comes after public concerns of oversized vehicles parked in one area for too long. The Crescent City City Council still has yet to move forward with an ordinance for camping and sleeping in public places.

The hesitation is due to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in Boise, Idaho. The homeless are not violating the law for sleeping on public property if they have nowhere else to go. The city wants to respect everyone’s rights for public access.

“Just looking at all the options and trying to come up with that ordinance that does ensure everyone’s right to use the park, and also be in compliance with the 9th Circuit. Those are the types of things that we’re looking at is, what would be those stipulations to put in that ordinance so you can achieve those things,” said Eric Wier Crescent City City Manager.

“There’s a strong argument to suggest that many of them are simply just not homeless. They’re simply living a lifestyle and they’re given gratis from the Court of Appeals to live this lifestyle, and still suffering from mental illness, public drunkenness, and drug addiction,” said Roger Gitlin Del Norte County First District Supervisor.