Del Norte Triplicate Continues Publication Twice a Week

CRESCENT CITY, CA (KIEM) – The Del Norte Triplicate was just purchased and while the future is uncertain, the longtime newspaper will continue publication twice a week starting Wednesday.

Country Media purchased the Crescent City paper from Western Communications. They are headquartered in Salem, Oregon and own 15 non-daily newspapers.

When Country Media took over last Friday, the Triplicate’s two staff reporters and Editor In Chief Robin Fornoff were let go. Residents think it is important for the new owners to continue diligent local news coverage.

“I’m from the Native American community, and I noticed that a lot of times our local paper has things that we care about in there. I think they actually actively seek that information,” said Lorraine Taggart, a Crescent City Resident.

“For instance our Police Chief just announced that he’s going to resign. I wouldn’t have known that from the New York Times. I saw that from our local paper. Those kinds of things are important,” said Holli Jackson, a Crescent City Resident.  

Redwood News reached out the President of Country Media, Steve Hungerford, and was unavailable for comment due to the fact he was helping put the paper together for publication Wednesday.