Crescent City 4th of July Celebrations Kick-Off with Deck Party

CRESCENT CITY, CA (KIEM) – Crescent City Officials are expecting around 15,000 people for their 4th of July festivities.

The celebrations kick off Wednesday on Front Street at the Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Deck Party. Then Thursday, there will be a parade in downtown Crescent City starting at 10 in the morning.

Then over at Beachfront Park, there will be live music, food, and games all day long. And you can’t forget the fireworks over the Battery Point Lighthouse at 9 at night.

“Some traditional food that we have up here. Traditional for the fourth, like the Doughboys. It always has a huge line for it. There’s always a concert in the park going on. You can listen to live music. Some of the competitions with the firemen’s water ball is a lot of fun. We have pastels in the park. So the local artists come, and they basically do their artwork on the sidewalk there in Beachfront Park. So you can check that out. And of course the fireworks show to end the night is always spectacular,” said Eric Wier Crescent City City Manager.