Over 400 Firework Shells Used to Create Dazzling Fourth of July Show along Eureka Waterfront


EUREKA (KIEM) – Before a firework show dazzles a crowd, there’s a lot of preparation that goes behind it.

It takes careful planning and precision to put on a fireworks show.

“We design everything for the show,” said Pyro Spectacular’s Chuck Amalong.

“How many shots are going to be in the show, what type of effects it’s going to be at, angles or straight up shots.”

Over 465 fireworks shell will be used to light up the night sky.

“We assemble racks and then we have the motors where the shells shoot off from,” said Amalong.

For three days, Pyro Spectacular has been working to get everything ready, and each firework shell ranges from 3 to 8-inches, sitting on handmade built racks.

“Usually the Fourth of July we do all our testing to make sure everything shoots off perfectly for the crowd,” said Amalong.

An Independence Day celebration is not complete without this booming light show.

“Every time we hear the ohh’s and ah’s they know we’re having a good time,” said Amalong.

It even has some of its long standing traditions.

“In various other locations where they have these things, people get the opportunity, whether they get to help put the fireworks together or not, to sign a bomb,” said Mike Jones, dressed as Uncle Sam.

“So that’s what I got to do today.”

The fireworks show that lights up the sky along the Eureka Waterfront is truly one of a kind.

“We’re over water and when you get the water and the backdrop of the fireworks, it just magnifies everything that much more,” says Jones

It reminds us why we celebrate the day.

“It’s a way to celebrate our birthday and the freedom that it meant it so many years ago and that freedom that we still have in this country,” said Jones.