Betty Chinn’s Transitional Housing Project Gains Approval and Moves Forward

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — Betty Chinn’s transitional housing project moves forward after city approval. This comes two years after the trailers were donated to Chinn by PG&E.  

The housing village would consist of 11 trailers that would be converted into small apartments. They are located on the city-owned Crowley property on the south end of town.

The project was stalled due to concerns about the impact it would have on the surrounding area. Things changed when Bill Pierson, the owner of Pierson Building Center, sent a letter to the city showing his support. He also pledged to personally donate $10,000 to the project.

Chinn is grateful the project is moving forward and sees it as just another way to help people get off the streets and into a home of their own.

Moving forward, the city of Eureka hopes construction on the project can begin as soon as next spring.