Local Children Donate Lemonade Day Funds to College of the Redwoods

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — Today, two local children that participated in national lemonade day presented the money they raised to College of the Redwoods. They were honored for their contribution by the college president, Dr. Keith Flamer, and the Board of Directors.

Back in June Everly and Lincoln were selling ice cold lemonade. Today, they were donating the money raised to College of the Redwoods to help students facing homelessness.

“The cherry on top is these two young people who have made an example of how to assist those who are in need,” Joseph Hash, the Vice President of Student Development said.

The kids donated just over three hundred dollars. All of the funds go towards scholarships that provide housing and food for students in need.

According to Eureka Mayor, Susan Seaman, “To see kids thinking about the future and something that doesn’t affect them directly, that’s pretty heartwarming.”

The six-year-olds may be young, but they understand the importance of helping people in their community.

“People who really need a house, I want them to have a house because I have a really big heart and because I care about people,” Lincoln Totten said.

The two kids were presented with certificates for their generosity, along with a stuffed animal and a College of the Redwoods t-shirt.

“What the College of the Redwoods and lemonade day did for Lincoln and Everly was amazing,” Lincoln’s mom, Betsy Totten, said.

To top it all off, the college welcomed the kids to the class of 2032. They offered them an early acceptance letter if they choose to attend college in the future.

Their parents see the whole experience as a great learning opportunity.

“Even though they are six years old, I think they will remember this for the rest of their lives. It will remind them to continue on giving, to go to college if they want to, and to just be a good member of the community,” Totten said.

Moving forward, the children hope to hold more lemonade stands in the future to raise even more money for college students in need.