Eureka Police Department and FBI Identified 16-Year Old Teenager Responsible for Posting Hate Propaganda Flyers

EUREKA (KIEM) – EPD identified a 16-year old male who is believed to have posted the hate propaganda flyers. EPD says, they were able to identify the suspect with the help of his family.

On Wednesday afternoon, a gun emblazoned flyer was posted at Henderson Center.

“It’s a potential hazard to our community and any community for that matter,” said a resident who did not what to be identified.

The post caught the attention of social media, and the picture had been shared over 400 times. The flyer featured an assault rifle, attempting to recruit white youth.  

“Their intent is to harm people,” says a resident. “Nothing can come of them reaching their goal without an act of violence against somebody else.”

EPD and a special agent with the FBI interviewed the teenager. A second interview was also conducted with an 18-year old friend who was visiting the juvenile from out of state.

In 2017, the FBI reported that hate crimes had increased by 17% in the United States and 5000 of those incidents reported were categorized as crimes against another person.

“I don’t want to see this so close to home,” said a resident.

The juvenile admitted to placing the propaganda flyer in Henderson Center. According police, the youth says his personal involvement with group was through the Internet and social media. The youth claimed he did not agree with all of the organization’s ideologies.

But one business in Henderson Center tells Redwood News they were shocked to hear something like this because this isn’t something that commonly happens.

They say will be more aware about the flyers that will be posted outside their store windows.

No criminal charges or arrests have been made.

EPD says, because the individual is a minor they are working with family to refer him to appropriate community services and anti-bias intervention resources.

The case is still an ongoing investigation.