Humboldt Grange Holds Kids Swap Meet

Eureka, Ca. (KIEM) — Today, kids ages 7 to 13 cleaned out their closets and participated in a community swap meet. The event was held at and sponsored by Humboldt Grange.

Humboldt Grange Hall was full of children honing in on their entrepreneurial skills by selling some of their old things they don’t use anymore. Those that stopped by could find all sorts of things to take home. There were board games, clothes, stuffed animals, other toys, and one of the kids was even selling hermit crabs.

Redwood News got the chance to talk to one of the organizers, who says the event is just another way to get kids away from technology even if it’s just for an afternoon. 

The kids who participated along with their parents walked away with less items than they came with, which was the overall goal of today’s event.