52nd Annual Annie & Mary Day Parade flocks locals to Blue Lake

BLUE LAKE, Ca (KIEM)– First responder vehicles, kinetic sculptures, and horseback riders go around Blue Lake for the 52nd annual Annie & Mary Day Parade.

Humboldt County residents watched from Hatchery Road as firefighter engines beeped their horn, police cars flashed their lights, and organizations marched along with their signs.

Annie & Mary Day is a celebration of the historic Arcata Mad River Rail Line that is named after Annie Carroll and Mary Buckley. They were two bookkeepers who were employed by the railroad in the early 1900s.

“It’s in celebration of the old Annie & Mary rail-trail that went right through the middle of town. They were the two bookkeepers on each end of the Arcata Mad River Rail Road. And so it became known as the Annie & Mary rail trail,” said Marvin Samuels Blue Lake Chamber of Commerce President.

“It’s just a fun gathering of a lot of people with a lot of fun little like booths, and the parade is always a good time,” said Ralph Stehman, McKinleyville Resident.

Blue lake started celebrating Annie & Mary Day in 1967.