Local Community Celebration aims to raise money for Park Insurance

LOLETA, Ca (KIEM)– 50/50 raffles, vendors, and train rides attract locals to the Loleta Community Celebration.

Attendees got to check out the Loleta fire truck, take a speeder ride with the Timber Heritage Association, and have some food. The Loleta Chamber of Commerce puts this fundraiser together to raise money for park insurance for their playground and basketball court.  This event is something that one Hydesville resident looks forward to every year.

“It’s fun to go on the train and to patriciate. [To] come and buy stuff and promote so that it keeps continually happening. So that [future] generations of people can still experience this, and know about our pasts, and our history,” said Debbie Scheffler, a Hydesville Resident.

“Loleta is a great community. We have a beautiful little park with a nice playground. We have a basketball court. We’re good people down here, and the barbecue has gotten to be very very popular,” said Janice Simmons, Loleta Chamber Treasurer.

For more information on Loleta Chamber of Commerce events, call (707) 498-0450.