County of Humboldt adds Speed Radar Signs on Humboldt Hill Road


HUMBOLDT HILL, Ca (KIEM)– After a fatal crash and concerns from residents about motorists speeding on Humboldt Hill Road. The County has installed two speed radar signs. The Public Works Department rotates speed signs throughout Humboldt for areas that get complaints.

The signs that were installed Monday near the Humboldt Grange show motorists what their speed is. If they are going over the speed limit, the sign will say, “too fast.” The County says they want people to slow down on Humboldt Hill Road.

“It reminds people, it gives a good visual reminder because it’s flashing right at you. If you’re going over the speed limit, it tells you. It’s not like looking at a sign and saying oh, the speed limit is 25 big deal. It’s I’m doing 40 in a 25, that is a big deal,” said Tom Mattson Public Works Director.

The temporary speed signs will remain along Humboldt Hill Road for around three months.