Former Gilroy Resident Reacts to Garlic Festival Shooting


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Ca (KIEM) – The town of Gilroy experienced a Tragedy that leaves three people dead from the Gilroy Garlic Festival mass shooting.

Here on the north coast, we spoke to one Humboldt County resident who used to live in Gilroy, and they have family who lived nearby suspected gunman Santino William Legan.

At the Gilroy Garlic Festival where you would never expect the unexpected, three killed and 12 hurt. One Arcata resident was alerted by family and friends what on what happened.

“I just got a text from somebody, and they were like hey I hope everybody is okay at the shooting. I was like I hope so too, but what is this? I looked it up and found it, and it looked pretty gnarly,” said Diego Celis, an Arcata resident who used to live in Gilroy.

According to Celis, His mom lived a block away from suspected gunman 19-year-old Santino William Legan two years ago. Little did he know that a 17-year-old teenager at the time would fire gunshots at a popular festival.

“Unless he lives somewhere else, but yeah he probably was in the same area. He was 17 at the time, who knows what he was up to or what he was thinking,” said Celis.

The Eureka Police Department also mourning the tragedy.

“On the behalf of EPD our hearts go out to the victims of the senseless crime in Gilroy, and the Gilroy Police Department for their courageous efforts and response to such an event,” said Brain Stephens Eureka Police Captain.  

Captain Stephens has participated in active shooter training in the past. He tells us what to do if a mass shooting were to happen in Humboldt County.

“Anytime you find yourself, especially a large crowd type situation and there’s an active shooter, we promote the run, fight, hide concept. If you can get out of that event or get out of that area immediately, then try to get away and escape to a safe location,” said Stephens.

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