Healing with Nature brings out other Senses

SEQUOIA PARK, Ca (KIEM)– Some Humboldt County residents embrace their surroundings at Sequoia Park through a workshop called Healing the Healers with Nature.

Participants were tasked to express how nature makes them feel in a group circle. Then, they had to partner up. One person had to walk around Sequoia Park with their eyes closed while trusting the other person to guide them around.

According to the director of Wild Nature Heart, when you touch leaves and trees with your eyes closed, it brings out your other four senses. 

 “Once we close our sense of sight, some of our other sense come online. We can go a little deeper into the qualities of touch, the qualities of what we’re smelling, and the qualities of what we’re hearing,” said Ryan Van Lenning,” founder of Wild Nature Heart.

“It made me realize that we use our eyesight for a lot of things walking. It was a little scary. I felt a little insecure at first. But it opened up my senses to what Redwood really feels like,” said Trish Blodgett, a Eureka resident.

For information on events and meetups, Wild Nature Heart has, go to Wildnatureheart.com.