Yurok Tribe to get Canoe Tour Business

KLAMATH, Ca (KIEM)– North Coast tourists will soon be able to get a tour of the Klamath River and the Yurok Tribe’s reservation in a canoe.

The Tribe is creating a Redwood Canoe Tour business. It’s to provide an ideal platform to share their perspective that is consistent with the Tribe’s cultural principals.

Also, they say it will strengthen their existing businesses and provide new opportunities for tribal entrepreneurs.

According to the Yurok tribe, the Klamath River will be the only place in the world where people can experience a redwood canoe tour.

“This Redwood Canoe Adventure will be located in the Redwood and National State Parks within the Tribe’s ancestral territory. It will give the tourism another adventure to enjoy, but from the perspective and driven by the Yurok people,” said Joseph L. James, Yurok Tribal Chairman.

The Redwood Canoe Adventure Tours will start spring of 2020.

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