Mobile Shower Stations Rolling Into Eureka, Services Could Start in September

EUREKA (KIEM) – Mobile shower stations could soon be rolling into Eureka later this month. Its purpose is to help provide basic hygiene care and needs to the homeless.

The Affordable Homeless Housing Alternative or AHHA recently purchased a shower trailer. The mobile unit will have three full bathrooms.

Once the trailers are set up, AHHA plans to bring the shower stations to various homeless camps and sites.

The mobile units will start in Eureka, with services running two days a week. The organization hopes to expand to other parts of the county. Funding for the shower stations came from several grants.

Board Member Bryan Roos says, this will provide accessibility to those who can’t get access to basic bathroom or shower needs.

Roos also says, the shower stations are expected to arrive later this month. AHHA plans to start rolling out the mobile showers sometime in September.

If would like to learn more about AHHA you can visit their website