First Ever Hatchet House Throwing Club Opens Up in Arcata

ARCATA (KIEM) – It’s a new type of sport very fitting for Humboldt County. It’s a good place for lumberjacks to get a workout, get some stress off their chest, or take their family and friends.

Ax throwing is taking the world by storm.

“It’s very widespread around the U.S.,” said Hatchet House Throwing Club Owner, “we’ve never heard of it before because it’s so fast growing.”

That’s how ax throwing in Humboldt came to be.

“We went to San Diego for Christmas,” said Fisher, “had a great time with family and friends and just thought how wonderful it would be to bring that to a lumberjack type of community.”

Lauren and her husband wanted to bring this sport up to the North Coast.

“This is our version of how you can connect with nature in a different way,” said Fisher.

Anyone is welcomed to come by throw some axes and shred up the targets. But if you’re worried about safety, Lauren says not to worry.

“You’ll get a coach who tells you all the safety precautions and supervises you while you throw,” she said.

The club is also part of the World Axe Throwing League, making Humboldt part of the growing movement.

“If you compete here and you win league and you’re a regional league champion, you can go to the world tournaments,” said Lauren.

But at the end of the day, Lauren and her family want to share their love of the support with their community. 

The grand opening from The Hatchet House Throwing Club is this Saturday from noon to 9 p.m. at 639 6th Street in Arcata.