Meeting to Discuss Old Arcata Road Improvement

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) The city of Arcata will hold a public meeting for the Old Arcata Road Improvement Project.

The city said it serves as the main travel route for communities of Arcata and Bayside.

The roadway acts as an oversized load route for Highway 101. It also provides access to un-incorporated areas.

According to Arcata City Staff, although an important route Old Arcata Road is a travel-way full of issues; such as motorist traveling too fast, and poor pavement conditions in certain areas.

“Everything was around 4 million dollars and out of that we had 2.4 million through STIP, State Transportation Improvement Program,” said Public Works Director, Netra Khatri. “We are fortunate to save some money through our local road projects through Measure G. We’re still saving and we will be saving again next year to do the project.”

The public meeting is this Thursday evening at 5:30 at the Bayside Community Hall.

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