Food and Information on Services are given to Homeless in Rio Dell

RIO DELL, Ca (KIEM) – Free food and assistance in filling out housing application are given to the homeless or those who are at risk in Rio Dell.

The city partnered with DHHS and the Rio Dell Community Resource Center for this workshop. With a Danco Housing Project in the works, people with different circumstances came to Journey Church in hopes of having a steady place to live.  One man who attended the workshop lives in a tent at the edge of the Eel River.

“Homelessness is not camping. It’s not comfortable. There’s quite often people that don’t agree with you being anywhere near their neighborhood. They either don’t understand it, or they just don’t care to have it happen that way,” said John Donnelly, who lives in a tent.  

“I hope that they can learn what the process is, and what steps that they need to take in order to apply and to be accepted into low-income housing. As well as how to access mental health services if that’s what’s needed for them,” said Kelly Johnson, a Senior Program Manager for DHHS.

For more information on the services DHHS offers, you can call their main number at (707) 268 – 3447.