Humboldt State Holds Emergency Drill Simulation

Arcata, Ca. (KIEM) — Wednesday evening, Humboldt State University held an emergency drill simulation to test campus and community response teams. It was also a way to teach student staff what to do in case of an emergency. The exercise kicked off at 6 pm at Campus Apartments and was focused on what happens if a fire breaks out in a residence hall.

To start, a smoke machine filled one of the rooms which then triggered the fire alarm. First responders then arrived on scene. Student actors portrayed victims as fire crews searched the building and extinguished the simulated fire. A triage area was also set up. University Police, Arcata Fire, Fieldbrook Fire, Humboldt Bay Fire, and Arcata Mad River Ambulance all participated.

According to one residence life coordinator, these kinds of drills are important because they help keep everyone safe. Emergency drills are held each year. During a real campus emergency, information will be posted on the HSU homepage.