Kids Flock Humboldt County Fair on Opening Day

FERNDALE, Ca (KIEM) The 123rd annual Humboldt County Fair is here in Ferndale. As some say, it’s the place to be. Attending the Fair brings out the kid in you. Lots of children were excited to go on their favorite rides over and over again. One thing they all had in common, the youngsters just wanted to have fun.

The kickoff to the fair started with the H-S-U Lumberjacks Marching band going down Main Street, then ending up at the entrance. From there, the carnival opened. The kids were eager to go on the rides.

“I love the fair, it’s amazing,” said Ruby Sipma, a 10-Year-Old Eureka resident.

When you’re on the fairgrounds, you can hear fairgoers enjoying the rides.

It’s something all children look forward to on opening day.

“I think it’s just so thrilling, and it’s special. I love to go on rides, and I love to see all the animals,” said Sipma.

Speaking of rides, there are lots to enjoy. Like the Zipper, Zero Gravity, and sliding down a Fun Slide.

“This only happens once a year, and it’s fun to like go on the rides,” said Cash Grlinghouse, a 12-Year-Old Fortuna resident.

“You go on so many rides, and they make me happy. They go fast, and they spin,” said Reese Sipma, an 8-Year-Old Eureka resident.

Ruby Sipma went to the fair for the first time last year. She now has memories for a lifetime.

“Me and my brother we were on a ride. My brother’s hat fell off. We were looking all over for it, and then we finally found it. It was really fun,” said Sipma.

With all of the rides and festivities, Ruby thinks the Humboldt County Fair is the place to be.

“I think that every child should have a time in their childhood to go here because it’s amazing,” said Sipma.

The Humboldt County Fair continues Friday with Flashback Friday. Seniors 62 and over get in for free.