Six Rivers Brewery 1 of 3 Ocean Friendly Restaurants in Humboldt County

McKinleyville, Ca. (KIEM) — In partnership with the Humboldt chapter of the Surf Rider Foundation, Humboldt County now offers 3 ocean friendly restaurants. One of them is Six Rivers Brewery in McKinleyville.

To qualify as ocean friendly, restaurants need to meet certain criteria. These include: regularly offering vegetarian or vegan options, not using any type of Styrofoam, following proper recycling practices, only using reusable silverware for onsite dining and disposable utensils only available upon request, no plastic straws unless requested, and no plastic bags offered for takeout orders.

Six Rivers Brewery meets all of these criteria. They also take it one step further by reusing water, offering locally sourced food, and giving discounts to those who bring in reusable containers. They believe it’s important to take steps to protect our environment.

For more information on ocean friendly restaurants and to find one near you, visit their website at