Blue Lake Missing Hiker Daniel Komins Found Dead


BLUE LAKE, Ca (KIEM) – Blue Lake Volunteer Firefighter Daniel Komins who went missing while hiking in the Trinity Alps was found dead Sunday.

A California Highway Patrol Helicopter located Komins’ backpack off the trail between L Lake and Mirror Lake. They then found his body near that area. This is not the outcome Humboldt County residents were hoping for. Earlier Sunday the Blue Lake Volunteer Fire Department was taking donations to aid rescuers to find Komins. We talked to family friends of Komins.

“He’s the dearest person. I call him a treasure. It’s very hard to describe him. He’s a sweetheart,” said Carla Osborn, a family friend of Daniel Komins.

Carla Osborn is describing Daniel Komins and his character. He is a man that many came together to aid in searching for him in Trinity County. Carla and her husband Scott are family friends of Komins. They shared different photos with us and recalled him as a kind person with a sense of humor.

“Well’ he’s a bit of a character. Anybody who knows him will tell you, he really is a character,” said Osborn.

“But it’s more than that. He’s just got a huge heart. He’s a wonderful man. He’s not wacky. He’s got funny ideas. But loves everybody and everybody loves him,” said Scoot Osborn, a family friend of Daniel Komins.  

According to the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, it appears Komins may have fallen in the steep and rocky terrain. Carla tells us that Daniel is the ultimate California boy. He loves the outdoors and is an avid hiker.

“He’s a wilderness enthusiast. He loves to get out where nobody else goes, and just explore,” said Carla Osborn.

Komins helped out the Osborn’s a lot. He was always at their aid when they needed something.

“A lot of things to us, just a dear friend. But he’s also a dog sitter, house sitter, helpful in any way ever would need him. He would do anything for anybody,” said Osborn.

Carla is not surprised by how many people came together to help look for Komins.

“It’s a testament to the kind of person he is. He’s just extremely personable, and will talk to anybody, and will have a conversation with anybody,” said Osborn.

Our hearts go out to Daniel Komins’ family, friends, and the Blue Lake Volunteer Fire Department. The California National Guard, CHP, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, and other agencies aided in the search.