Del Norte Supervisors say they have no plans for Wonder Stump Road

DEL NORTE COUNTY, Ca (KIEM) – Del Norte County residents raise concerns over rumors that the County is going to cut down trees on Wonder Stump Road. The Board of Supervisors says that’s not the case.

At a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, the representatives wanted to make it clear that the County is only asking for public input. According to them, no project is put in place to cut down any trees. They need a solution on what they should do about road maintenance.

“We want to hear from you about what you enjoy about Wonder Stomp Road. More importantly, about the aesthetic qualities that attract so many people to want to live in that area. We as a County and more importantly, we as a Roads Department want to know from you what you wish to have happened with Wonder Stomp Road,” said 3rd District Supervisor Chris Howard.

To find out how you can give your public input on what to do with Wonder Stump Road, contact the Del Norte County Counsel at (707) 464 – 7208.