City of Eureka to discuss potential moratorium for new hotel developments

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM) Tuesday night the Eureka City Council will discuss the potential need for a moratorium for new hotel developments within the city.

A preliminary report was brought to the city council.  After, a hotel owner complained about new developments overshadowing existing ones.

Back in May, the city approved to sell a Broadway property to a company planning to build an 83-room hotel.

As a result, the same hotel owner suggested a temporary ban.

By state law the city can do a moratorium for a short period of time then it will have to re-implement it again for 2 months.

Eureka’s Development Services Director Rob Holmlund said, you can re-implement the moratorium one more time after that, for another year.

But in Holmlund’s opinion, it isn’t necessary.

“I don’t necessarily see a problem right now but we will see what council thinks,” said the Development Services Director. “Looking at it, there are a lot of cities that instituted moratoriums on hotel development throughout the country. And looking at all the various reasons that different cities do this, the city of Eureka doesn’t seem to fall into any of those categories.”

Tuesday’s council meeting begins at 6 PM in City Hall.