Athlete of the Week: Lane Thrap


EUREKA, Ca (KIEM) – Matt Tomlin and the St. Bernard’s Crusaders started their season with a 29 point win at El Molino last Friday. A key component in their lineup is senior Lane Thrap.

Lane Thrap is no stranger to the Humboldt County High School sports world. On Friday night’s opening game he had four catches, 210 receiving yards, and three touchdowns. The final score was 36 – 7. He scored half of those points but gives all the credit to his teammates and coaching staff.

“Got a pretty good quarterback on our team. Threw good balls, threw good timing, and good play calls by our coach. It’s just all our whole team,” said Lane Thrap, Redwood News Athlete of the Week.

His passion for football stems from the competitive nature of the contact sport. He enjoys working hard and not letting the other team win.

“The competitiveness. If you’re angry, you get to take it out on the field legally. And just hanging out with all your friends,” said Thrap.

Thrap’s performance last Friday is not a surprise. Despite putting up stats on the field, one thing he didn’t forget to do is lead by example.

“Just the way he played was expected. But I think what was more impressive than that was his ability to coach up the younger guys, and just keep working even when his night was over so to speak, with a big lead,” said Richard Stevenson, Defensive Coordinator.

Thrap’s mindset is to be a team player. Even when he was on the sidelines, he made sure the younger players were on their A-game. Thrap’s extra set of eyes prevented the Crusaders from getting a penalty.

“So one of the receivers that he was coaching up, [Thrap] was on our sideline. He yelled at him, one to get on the line because he was off the line of scrimmage. And then also to put his mouthpiece in. The mouthpiece one, he got a chuckle out the referee, because the referee told him, had he not have done that he was going to flag him,” said Stevenson.

The universe is the limit for the talented, well-rounded athlete. He’s not sure what he wants to do after high school. One thing is for sure. He wants to leave his senior year going out on top.

“Well first off, get to playoffs. And then once we accomplish that then State Championship,” said Thrap.

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