Board of Supervisors Rules In Favor of Yurok Tribe, Preventing Cannabis Cultivation within Ceremonial District

HUMBODLT COUNTY (KIEM) – A huge win for the Yurok Tribe.

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors ruled in the tribe’s favor, to prevent cannabis cultivation within a ceremonial district.

The Bluff Creek Company appealed to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday afternoon.

But the Board ruled that the bluff creek company must now go through the Retirement, Remediation, and Relocation or the RRR application. The Board also said the 2019 would be the last cultivation year for the company in that area.

Starting 2020, the company must look for a new site to grow cannabis.

The Bluff Creek Company’s CEO Lucien Smith says, he started this company to help veterans who are suffering with PTSD.

Back in February, the Planning Commission denied the company’s permit for 9200 square foot cannabis cultivation site. The Planning commission said the proposed site would be located within the tribe’s ceremonial district.

The Yurok Tribe says, they are willing to look for solutions with the company. Smith says, he’s fortunate he still has permit, but the next steps moving forward will be costly and difficult.

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