Crescent City has new Recreation and Events Coordinator

CRESCENT CITY, Ca (KIEM) – There is now a new Recreation and Events Coordinator in Crescent City to handle all of its community festivities.

Holly Wendt is the woman in the position. Her goal is to bring in more things and activities to do in Crescent City. Right now Wendt is working with the City Council to have a Town Hall meeting about the Beachfront Park plan. Wendt wants to know what kind of events can happen during the summer and winter seasons.

“There’s some Prop 68 funds coming our way, per capita funds. We really would like some community support. We want to hear what they have to say. Get some ideas for that, and plan for updating our Beachfront master plan. We’re really excited to get some improvements and get some funds in there. We can get events going on year-round and in the summertime,” said Holly Wendt, Recreation and Events Coordinator.

The Beachfront Park Town Hall meeting is next Tuesday at the Crescent City Cultural Center.