McKinleyville Middle School Partners with Humboldt IPA to provide more On-Site Nurses


MCKINLEYVILLE (KIEM) – Access to health care in Humboldt County is difficult. But thanks to a partnership between McKinleyville Middle School and Humboldt IPA, they’re helping to bridge that gap.

They’re bringing more basic care by having more onsite nurses.

“If we provide health care that keeps them in class, they will ultimately be better off as adults and healthier adults,” said Humboldt IPA CEO Rosemary Denoudan.

McKinleyville Middle School is making access to basic healthcare for their students easier.

“We’re looking at the whole child when it comes to mental health, well-being, and healthy lifestyle,” said Principal Elwira Salta.  

“How they come to school is critical.”

The school already has one designated school nurse. But through the partnership, they’re able to have more nurses serve the school community.

“It’s not when they just feel sick, but we are putting a lot of importance on thinking about what they do with their bodies and what they eat,” said Elwira.

By having more nurses, it can help identify student needs, from sprained ankles to even scrapes and cuts. It can also help support families who are struggling to get their kids to a doctor.


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“There’s a lot challenging situations in home life,” said Erin Thompson, a nurse at school. “Either no transportation or both are working they have no ability to take their kid out of school.”

The nurses see about ten students on average.

Both Humboldt IPA and McKinleyville Middle School one goal in mind want to be provide that immediate access to care.

The nurses program started as a pilot program last year. Humboldt IPA hopes to expand this program to other schools here in the county.

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