Arcata Police, Environmental Services Department teams-up to clean-up


Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) Arcata Police Department and the city’s environmental services department have partnered up to focus on community priorities including environmental mitigation.

The Arcata Police Department has received a number of complaints about abandoned camps with large amounts of trash and hypodermic needles.

In response, Arcata Police decided to partner up with the city to clean up the troubled areas, bringing them back to their natural state.

The initiative begun after the city’s environmental department found nearly 10 encampments in the city parks.

Agency’s also cleaned up a homeless encampment off Coombs Court in Arcata on Tuesday by removing a significant amount of debris.

Lieutenant Bart Silvers of APD said the city must work together and do all it can to provide a safe and clean place for its citizens.

“Unfortunately, for us right now, this is becoming a growing problem. If we can team up with our city partners and eventually regional partners, we can approach it from different sides and hopefully be able to combat this problem.”